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"If all be true that I do think there are five reasons we should drink good wine: A friend, or being dry, or lest we should be, by and by, or any other reason why."


Whippoorwill Vineyard wines are made from 100% sun ripened Muscadines and Scuppernongs.  Each bottle of wine contains the essence of these magnificent fruits, fermented without diluting, to create the finest wine you will taste or drink.

To satisfy a wide range of palates, Whippoorwill has developed four residual sugar concentrations. Our sweet and semi-sweet Scuppernong and Muscadine wines are light and fruity with intense bouquets similar to desert wines or ice wines.  Our Semi-Dry and Dry wines are full bodied and robust with oak and tannin overtones similar to typical Pinot Noir and Merlots.

Dry Wines

– This red bunch grape also known as the “Cabernet of the South” has a sophisticated, medium-bodied taste with a hint of oak and spice. The flavor of this wine is explosive.
Lenior – Also known as the “Black Spanish” this bunch grape has a delightful taste with beautifully deep purple hues.  This wine has been documented by the Spanish; they used this wine in communion. The finish is lingering and smooth.
Noble – We saved the best for last of our dry muscadine wine. This wine can only be appreciated by the “elite” wine drinker because of its full bodied flavor and moderate acidity that gently spreads raspberry and cherry flavors across the palate.

Semi-Dry Wines

Liberty Blanc
– This white muscadine wine is very similar to the Sauvignon Blanc; light bodied with a hint of citrus.
Noble – This lush black muscadine wine has a complexity that can only be achieved with this “Noble” muscadine.  This full-bodied favorite is soft, dry and velvety with a lengthy finish.

Semi-Sweet Wines

– Beautifully deep in color, this red muscadine is slightly sweet with intense fruit flavors of the south.  This wine is the perfect gift to bring to any dinner party.
Regale - A fruity red wine with robust berry flavors made exclusively from Muscadines to produce an intense red wine with charm.  This wine is an absolute perfect addition when getting together with friends - anytime.

Sweet Wines
Southern Glory - Our Trilogy blend and already a legend in its own time; made because of numerous request for a sweet red.
– A light golden wine with delicate fruit flavors is made exclusively from Scuppernong varieties to produce a sweet, crisp white table wine. An absolute all-time southern favorite.
Confederate Rose - The perfect blend of the red muscadine, and the bronze scuppernong, create a uniquely smooth and light fruity wine with character. Had Grant tasted this, he would have surrendered to Lee immediately.
Tail Gate Red - Becoming one of the "favorites"; it's the unique blend of Noble muscadine with the perfect amount of strawberry.



Our Wide Variety of Wines Will Satisfy any Palate


The Sweet and Crisp Scuppernoog Veriety



Our great variety includes many products to choose from.


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